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Sheplers Boots

Sheplers Tony Lama Exotic Cowboy Boot Selection.

Want exotic skin boots, but not very familiar with cowboy boots? Get the details from our Tony Lama boot expert! Tony Lama exotic boots are still handcrafted in El Paso, Texas. You can choose from lizard, ostrich, elephant, & more at These quality handcrafted boots feature flexible leather outsoles, leather linings, cushion insoles, and they are available in a wide variety of leather colors.

Lucchese Boots manufacturing

The Making of Lucchese Boots.


Every pair of Lucchese boots is hand-inspected, not once, but twice. And although they skive their leather seams by machine, they repeat the process a second time by hand. In virtually every one of their procedures, they rely on human hands to complete the task to near-perfection. Find your new pair of Lucchese Boots At Stages West, Pigeon Forge TN..

Hand made vs machine made boots What is the difference between a hand made boot, and a boot made by a machine? Learn the difference from Darel Kesner with Dan Post, and F.M. Light’s Del Lockhart.

Hand Made:
A hand made boot is made completely of leather. This includes a leather outer, interior, stacked heel, sole and heel counter. The shank of the boot is held in place by pegs – this keeps it together.

Machine Made:
A machine made boot has only a few leather components, and this is the outer foot of the boot. The upper is composed of a man-made material, as is the inside, which is designed to wick away moisture.

What are the pros and cons?
A hand-made boot will last you forever. Whether you’re a cowboy out in the heat and grime, or a businessman who likes western wear, this boot will wear well and will conform to your foot. Because of this durability, the price is higher.
A machine made boot offers the comfort and look of a cowboy boot, but will not last as long. Thus, the price is lower.

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